Nutcase Suitcase (CW22-2015)

“Today is the first day of the rest of my new and exhilarating, totally unfucked life! I will throw caution to the wind, and I don’t care who catches it!” yelled Josephine gleefully. “I vow to defy social norms! I am going to fuck the world and everyone in it.”

“Jo! can you cut it out. Trying to study here.” Her roommate yelled back, slightly irritated.

“Sorry. Almost done packing.” She snaps her suitcase shut and skips over to her mate’s bedroom. Hops onto the bed, smiling, disturbing Annie’s study time once again.

Annie smiles back. “You know, if you plan on doing all that fucking, you’re going to need to maintain your health.” She throws Jo a bag of trail mix, her go-to study snack.

“Got your condoms!?” Annie asked as she sizes up the last two bugs on a log, made with almond butter and chopped dates instead of peanut butter and raisins – opting to give Jo the slightly longer piece.

“Enough condoms for the year! That’s all that’s in my suitcase!”

They laugh and eat while catching up on the latest gossip. Jo hugs Annie before leaving the room. Still beaming over her study abroad program in Spain. “See you in 3-6-5!”

“Don’t do anything to get expelled crazy!”

As I put more of my writings online, I realize that a lot of my work back then, in 2015, starts the same way, always in a transition … “new day,” “first day,” “packing to go.” I must have been going through something, but that’s no surprise I have a life crisis every calendar quarter.


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