Not so Arbitrary After All

Mmmmm cake. In only losing point two pounds on the scale this morning, I still need to pay attention to my calories even if I am mostly eating fat and protein. But it's cool, I'm getting used to weighing and logging and logging and weighing. If I want to continue the experiment I could eat... Continue Reading →


Calculated Investment Dating a sweet guy Pretty as a butterfly Smells like apple pie Looking good enough to eat They all want to sink their teeth --- Since I am also sweet(er) We agree to non-compete Our signatures on the sheet Having engaged in a cost-benefit-psycho analysis That ends without paralysis The new relationship narrative... Continue Reading →

May 10 – Journal Entry

I had pizza for lunch and we watched Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. That was my Mother's Day gift 🙂 . The pizza was great, movie was alright. Did you know that Lois was black at one point? And that Superman fought Muhammad Ali off earth and lost? (they fought off earth so that Superman couldn't... Continue Reading →

May 3 – Journal Entry

I did the eHarmony quiz, and I didn't even get the results - it just started finding matches for me. That wasn't my intention - Then I was presented with a 48-hour special, 50% off the plan of my choice. Leave me alone. Hmmm - a part of me wonders if I am afraid of... Continue Reading →

May 1 – Journal Entry

Another late night. I had a lot to say yesterday, but I started my entry so late, I was tired as shit. I will start with the stuff I wanted to say yesterday and try to post earlier from now on - I don't like it when the post date doesn't match the day of... Continue Reading →

Crazy – Jibber Jabber Prompt

Two years ago, I met Perry on OkC - Conversations flowed beautifully - which is critically important to me. We got each other's jokes, understood the sarcasm. We'd have long, easy conversations, and the silence was comfortable. He came to Canada for the first visit, probably a few weeks after we met. We stayed in... Continue Reading →

Apr 30 – Journal Entry

The Discover One Word Prompts are officially over, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. I will participate in Jibber Jabber prompts. This is post 100!!! Woohoo! Today I bought steak from Joey's - medium-rare. They sent well-done - there wasn't a trace of pink. I couldn't even bite into it. Well-done shouldn't be an... Continue Reading →

Apr 19 – Journal Entry

The momentous occasion arrived this morning. I washed my hands to remove any traces of oils, picked up my package, placed it on my desk and took a seat.  The event was only six minutes long, 9:40 am to 9:46 am, but it was an incredible six minutes. I had unwrapped my package and was... Continue Reading →

Apr 14 – Journal Entry

I'm proud of myself. I've written or transposed, 62 posts since July of 2019. I had a few false starts, but I've been consistent with posting since February. I found my groove. Groovy! 🙂 Once I find my teenage journals, I will add those as well. I started keeping a list of all the things... Continue Reading →

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