Love Song

When the ground don't touch my feet When the ceiling and I meet Writing helps me deal When I'm boiling with rage Writing sedates When too much I feel Writing helps me heal My sword and my shield Writing is ideal Through writing, I reveal and conceal I unravel and tangle I become More than... Continue Reading →

QUOTE: On Writing

This quote was on one of the walls at The Morgan Library and Museum. They had an entire section dedicated to Joyce! I selected the font. Background image supplied by Pexels from Pixabay

Apr 14 – Journal Entry

I'm proud of myself. I've written or transposed, 62 posts since July of 2019. I had a few false starts, but I've been consistent with posting since February. I found my groove. Groovy! 🙂 Once I find my teenage journals, I will add those as well. I started keeping a list of all the things... Continue Reading →

Apr 12 – Journal Entry

Not seeing many Discover One Word Prompt posts anymore. Are people still participating? I'm looking in the same place. Sometimes WordPress vexes me - trying to do basic site customizations is a chore. Today I had Vietnamese coffee ice cream from Demetres for lunch and a slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner. I did my yoga in... Continue Reading →

Apr 11 – Journal Entry

It's 9:30 pm. I'm already ready for bed. I listened to 90s R&B all day. Nostalgic. I love how music can take you right back to a moment. Vivid memories - Smoke-filled, sweaty, alcohol on tap, no space to move, music loud AF, bodies grinding house parties. You didn't need to smoke to get high.... Continue Reading →

Apr 10 – Journal Entry

Today I found out my dad tested positive for COVID-19 ... 14 days ago. SMH. My sister-in-law What's App me asking if I spoke to dad. I immediately start freaking because my dad lives in Brooklyn, NYC. I ask her if she talked to Liz. Turns out, no one's heard from my dad, his gf... Continue Reading →

Apr 7 – Journal Entry

Today I decided to ask the Dog Walker if he's married. I couldn't hold back anymore because AGAIN today when we video chat, he's outside walking his dog. Common! Three times in a row - and the one time you can't walk your dog you also cannot talk to me. So I ask him if... Continue Reading →

Apr 6 – Journal Entry

My writing schedule is off. Same for my sleeping and eating habits. I think the guy I had my first ever video chat with is married. It's just a feeling, but I can't shake it. The first time we chatted, he was outside. Said he had to walk the dog and also told me he... Continue Reading →

Apr 5 – Journal Entry

Spiffed up the balcony, intend to work outside as the days get warmer, maybe even do some yoga. Still have a ways to go but it's coming along. My Balcony Ventured out to the local drug mart. We used to be able to walk through the mall but can't anymore. I spot an old guy... Continue Reading →

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