Mar 29 – Journal Entry

Started cooking at like 7 am. Lunch/dinner was ready before noon. I made Oxtail w/ rice and coleslaw. The boys were like, ” Mom! Can we have more?”

They will eat everything; think locusts. If I don’t stop them (or hide it), it’s gone so fast I find myself wondering if it was actually there. “Save some for tomorrow! It’s COVID season for God’s sake.” Numerous times I’ve thought about buying chains and padlocks for the fridge and cupboards. Anyway…

I decided to download Plenty of Fish app today. “Why?” you ask. Hmmm, I wanna meet people without having to meet people. A pandemic is the perfect cover for anxiety – not being able to meet up no longer requires an excuse – nature’s way. (Suppose the recovered COVID-19 patients turned into zombies – sick! 😃). Plus, I feel like I’m slightly curious to know what dating in a pandemic is like.

There’s always something to celebrate – Find your thing!? 😉

Life is a song worth singing. Why don’t you sing it?

Teddy Pendergrass

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