Barstool Existentialist II

“My mom told me I should always eat before going on a date. I didn’t listen.”


“Yesterday I met a guy from OKC after work – I skipped lunch cause shit was crazy. By the time I met him for dinner, I was starving. I felt light-headed.”

“We got our table and drinks pretty quick, but the place was starting to fill up – dude took forever to get back to us. In the meantime, we’re small talking. Then I say …”

“I’m so hungry; I could rip my guts out and eat it.”

Epilogue: The rest of the date was a haze for me. I think it ended well enough. I couldn’t believe I said what I said. We still talk as friends, bumping into each other occasionally. Now I can tell the story and laugh about it. (But still, who says that on a date!? – Aside from me of course!)

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