Mar 28 – Journal Entry

Moet is gross. Extremely displeasing to my palate. It was like being on a date with a guy that has horrible breath, bad teeth AND body odour. (Who wouldn’t stop smiling; or talking). Just awful – An experience you cannot forget but definitely don’t want to repeat.

I’m slightly upset too because of all the alcohol I bought a week ago I left it for last – thinking it would be the best. Upsetting!!!

At the grocery store, they put stickers on the ground to tell people where to stand when waiting to cash out – my spatial perception needs work, but I know that if I can reach out and touch you, then I’m too close. Nobody gets that! – I cannot enforce social distancing all by myself! Gosh!!!

I spoke to my Dad and his girlfriend Liz today. Always a pleasurable mix of politics, finance, religion, family updates and tonnes of laughter.

So … That’s the highlight of my day; shitty Moet, convo with Dad and grocery store COVID-19 floor stickers. I need to get out more (after the pandemic has dissipated of course).

There’s always something to celebrate – Find your thing!

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