Goodbye Long Weekend

I am going to the hardware store next weekend to buy cement stuff and paint – I want to paint some of the wood and metal furniture I have on the balcony bright colours. Reds and blues and yellows and pinks and oranges. And the cement is for an art project and poem inspired by Glowbee!

Around the corner from Power Plant Gallery

Have you noticed? The first week of April has left us and I still haven’t published my short story. Before it’s time for me to sit down to write I imagine myself sitting and writing but then I don’t. Yesterday on the way home I saw the Second City sign on a building and I remembered wanting to take their writing course – I put it on my to-do list cause I don’t have the time/funds right now.


I made some adjustments since telling you about the mirror last time – AI is included to detect proximity, read facial expressions and body language to determine intent of the individual behind you. Eventually AI will automatically execute next steps but for now, you can either press the alarm or pepper spray button or both if you want. When pepper spray is selected it will shoot it out from the back and hopefully the wind is blowing in the right direction.

The mirror is made from unbreakable stuff and everything else is lightweight materials – all built to last fifty lifetimes because the RVWM will never be obsolete. Do you like it? Would you buy one? Maybe I will build spikes into it – if all else fails the spikes will come out and fly all over the place and hit its target perhaps. Collatoral damage be damned.

I’m an Inventor (with a capital eye)


Aylan Couchie – It beats inside all who speak for those who can’t (2014)
Julia Rose Sutherland – Flesh Economics (2018)

These are my favourite – they stayed with me, kept me wondering. I have more to share with you; will publish the rest this week – I feel like too many pics in one post will affect performance (don’t know if it’s true). I don’t have plans for next week yet but the Bata Shoe Museum is still on my mind. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

This long weekend I ate trash. Thank God it’s over!

As we discover the truth about people and events erased from history, how quickly will we rewrite our books and update the lessons we teach in schools?

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