Oh Boy

This morning, I’m chillin’ on the couch when I get a phone call from Matt …


“Mom! Can you lend me 250$? I’ll pay you back.” I immediately think, how the fuck you gon pay me back when you ain’t got no job nigga.

“What do you need 250 for?”

“I’m gonna miss my Stratford Festival trip.”Oh well muthafucka! If it was that important you shoulda got yr ass outta bed on time!

“No sorry. I don’t have it.”

Good thing I am learning not to say the first thought in my head yeah. Yesterday too … he was out with his friends and calls me for 15$ to buy an adapter for his headphones. I only just now gave the boy an adapter and he already lost it. I didn’t send him any money. Also, he wants me to buy him a gaming laptop but when I see how he treats his current laptop, I’m like, Fuck that! I ain’t got money to waste on your no appreciation for the things I got ass.

Did I tell you about the attachment test I took a few months back? Dee sent me a quiz and I got:

That’s not me at the window!

I mostly identify with all of them 🙂 – some are more true than others because I am learning to do things differently as I get older. When having conversations with Dee, she will point out certain things to me. For example, when I say, “I’ll think about it.” which is something I say often – She’d reply, “That is a very avoidant thing to say.” And when I think about it, I usually already know how I feel but I don’t want to say, for whatever reason.

It was a high of 27 degrees sometime last week, making my toes catch fire incinerating my socks and running shoes. Don’t ask me why; I don’t know. Since Monday, Apr I0, I been hanging out at Dee’s place, being lazy and eating unhealthy. I was only supposed to be here for one day but we ended up walking to work together a few times and we’d meet up after work and walk back to her place.

My new book – soon to be a movie

Last Saturday, April 15, I went to the AGO for my artist date and I decided to renew my membership. I will share some pics with you later this week. I didn’t do any of my morning pages last week or this morning – I walked with my notebook but I don’t know. And I still have more pics from the power plant gallery to share.

Mon Apr 17, 2023

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