Un/Happy Days

Hello! Long time, I know!

Recent developments in the U.S.A. gives a whole new meaning to the term black and blue. I’m never surprised by news stories anymore, which in itself is terrible. I’ve learned to avoid the things that will deeply sadden me. Plus, I already have my own problems. My condolences to all who have lost or will lose a loved one to avoidable violence.

Sometimes I do things that feel significant and insignificant at the same time. A few days back I realized I cannot/shouldn’t ignore art/drawing. Art, dancing and writing makes me happy. And do you remember all that stuff I said about Prozac fuckin’ with my creativity – I don’t think it’s true anymore. January has been my least creative month of 2023. lol. I’m getting over my first crisis for the year.

Anywow, I have an entire bottle from Jun 2022 that I didn’t touch. As of yesterday, I started taking it again. And when I tell my doctor she’ll flip out, like she did when I stopped and tell me something about how I shouldn’t be doing this without medical asistance. Plus I think it really does decrease the intensity of my other issues. I’m taking notes in my daily journal – the other one that I don’t share with you.

I wish not to go through this again. Ever. I felt so shitty for the last several days and I didn’t know why. Yesterday afternoon I downloaded Motivation, added a widget to my home screen and customized my lock screen to get daily quotes. My first one …

You are enough

from Motivation

Really!!! That’s the best you can do!

In addition to mental health, vacation and sick days, I’d like six days off per quarter for bad hair because bad hair affects my self-esteem and confidence. In addition, I also need a few Oops I forgot to do my laundry days and several I don’t want to deal with you fucks days.

Looks like I will be going to Bali alone, which is fine with me. Apparently, Bali is on everyone’s bucket list … everyone, in this case, is two. Yes. Yes. I use a lot of absolutes – all, always, never, everyone, no one. With that awareness, I will qualify my absolutes when I remember. I suspect the place will be packed with tourist, which I hate, but I’ll just have to deal and take good pictures.

Don’t put any human on a pedestal,
especially if they make you feel
like you cannot be up there yourself!

Also …

When looking for what you believe you don’t already have,
do not suspend your critical and independent thinking skills
or you may end up in a cult.

Yours Truly
2023.01.30 (Mon)

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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