Level Up

OMG Fortnite is intense and required much coordination. I’m a SweetLeopon2xxxx – I can’t figure out how to change my name. In my first solo game, I was attacked by a bore and shot dead BUT I came in #26 out of #100. In the heat of the battle, I cannot remember what any of the buttons do. Dre was helping me. “Why am I running sideways?”

“You need to look where you’re going.”


Dee is on level 78. Dre is on 22 and I am on 02.

I haven’t thrown in the towel yet but survival games are so stressful – there’s too much going on. Although, I don’t mind FPS games. Long ago I did enjoy Doom. Now in my old age, lol, I prefer chill adventure/puzzle-type games.

Did you know there’s a statue of Churchill in Nathan Philips Square? I found him when I ran an errand to Staples last week. HISTORY LESSON: In case you are wondering, Nathan Philips, was the first Jewish mayor way back long ago in the fifties or sixties (earlier maybe). He was known as the mayor to all people or something similar.

I managed to close all my rings again today – five out of seven days. On my break day, I will close my exercise ring with yoga or a walk something light instead of nothing at all. There’s a new podcast I found, Short History Of … BTW you should watch Home Game on Netflix I learned of games I never knew existed – Makepung Lampit in Bali, Catch Fetiche in the Congo, Kok Boru in Kyrgyzstan and Calcio Storico from Florence, Italy. I have one more episode to watch, Pehlwani in India but I am familiar with that sport already. The others were on freediving and highland games.

Remember Highlander (1986)? I used to work with a Scotsman – every holiday party he’d be in his full highland outfit. I can’t remember his name – he worked with databases or he could have been a developer. hmm.

Hope you had a good weekend!

2023.01.15 (Sun)

— Samantha Williams —

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