Apr 20 – Journal Entry

My cobra guppy died – He was my first fish. I know guppies don’t have a long lifespan. He was sick before, but he recovered and was doing fine for months. Worse part, DJ ate him before I could get him out of the tank. Animal!

I finally found one of my teenage journals and, for some reason, I’m apprehensive about going through it. 

There’s a guy at work, Bob, who’s irritating me. I’m generally a happy-go-lucky type, but I take my work seriously. I feel like maybe he has some personal issues because I don’t remember him being this way. A few weeks back, he takes it upon himself to clean up the old Release Management/PMO space in Confluence. 

I told him, “Listen! You’re not the process owner. Leave it alone.” Plus, I know he has his own work to do. He completely ignores my advice. A few days later, I get an email from him, telling me that there’s info in the PMO section that I should review and either move it to my EPMO space or archive it. (deep breaths).

I try to see people and situations through different lenses. Knowing that my lens is dirty, I do a lot of thinking to make sure I’m not looking at things the wrong way. I try to figure out what’s driving a particular behaviour, then see what I can do to change or re-direct it. (The Compassion Book by Thom Bond helped me to change my view – but I still struggle.) 

Bob’s done things like this a few times, and I’ve tried talking to him, but he doesn’t get it. 

Since I told him to leave it alone initially, I didn’t respond to his message. Then he brings it up again in one of our weekly product meetings, offering to resend. I told him, “Don’t send me the email again. I already have it.” 

These pages that he’s making a fuss about have been on Confluence forever. Just because it’s urgent for you all of a sudden doesn’t make it important to me. 

Now today, I see the message in my inbox reminding me that it will only take a minute to clean up the pages. WTF yo!

I reply, telling him that this is not a priority for me right now. If he likes, he can archive the pages but do NOT move anything to my EPMO space. 

What I wanted to say was:


Hello you annoying little shit:

If you bug me about this, or anything else that is not within your purview, ever again, I will rip your face off the next time I see you!!! Got it!

Stay out of my God damn business!



Hulk smash!

My dad told me I should take anger management classes. I don’t feel I need it. I’m doing a good job restraining myself.

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