Apr 6 – Journal Entry

My writing schedule is off. Same for my sleeping and eating habits.

I think the guy I had my first ever video chat with is married. It’s just a feeling, but I can’t shake it.

The first time we chatted, he was outside. Said he had to walk the dog and also told me he didn’t want to talk inside because he didn’t want his daughter to hear because she is very protective of him.

I thought that was BS but I didn’t call him on it because I thought, maybe something happened in the past and that’s why his daughter may be protective of him + it was our first convo.

Ok! that’s the first time. The next night, I told him I wanted to actually talk, not just exchange texts – because I’m like that. I like hearing a guy’s voice. And this applies to any guy, especially if we’re having a conversation at night. Again he tries to make plans around his dog walk.

So I waited because I’m thinking if he is concerned about his daughter maybe he wants to wait until she is sleeping. But by 11 pm I said goodnight. And now I’m suspecting that my suspicions are correct.

Pretty much any time he talks to me via video or voice he is not at home. I will wait and see what happens tomorrow. But I have a feeling …

Feature Photo Credit: @mishmarshmallow via Twenty20

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