Dream Elk In Ink

Finally! I made it to the library but the only volunteer role they had was reading buddy – I’d get paired with an elementary kid who needs help with their reading. I did that years ago – now I am looking for something administrative.

I am officially sick of grapes – I never want to see them again. Now I need a new fruit to binge then grow sick of.

Elk in Ink – Not charcoal like my dream

As yet, I don’t have a method that works for preventing smudging – The ink gets everywhere. This time I tried using a paper towel as I moved around the page but it didn’t help. Or I wasn’t paying attention to where I put my fingers.

Earlier today I was craving shrimp but when I returned from the library I felt lazy. It will happen tomorrow for sure. Did you know Kafka drew? There’s a book of his sketches, I found a quiet desk and reviewed them all but I didn’t feel the need to borrow that book. Instead, I rented three books. Ahead of All Parting: The Selected Poetry and Prose of Rainer Maria Rilke, The Canadians: Glorious and Free and The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2018.

Thu Dec 29, 2022

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