Sunday Afternoon Soca

I’ve started pulling out my microbursts and illustrating them with the help of images on the web. I’ll republish as I remember them and reference the original post.

The first one wasn’t as easy as I thought – hopefully, this is the exception. I had to rewrite – it wasn’t just grabbing and publishing in a new post. I’m gonna try to do one more before bed.

🎶 Doh care if I wine on yuh. Ah wah yuh start wining back. When the music start to flow, make sure yuh waistline in tack now. They call me Mr. Fete. Since ah born, ah never miss one yet. Sun shinin’, ah dripping sweat. Thunderstormin’ ah soaking wet. They say Mr. Fete yuh mad. I come here to get on bad.

Feting is we name. We doh play. We going night and day. No fete can tire we. We comin’ every day. We full a energy, is Fete they calling we, like that is we name. 🎶

Mr. Fete – Machel Montano

Yo! My waistline is always ready to wine! Put going to a soca party on your bucket list – they might not be as crazy as back in the day but you gotta feel the vibe.

I hope Zoey’s not sick cause ain’t nobody else getting the Archie treatment – I’m not vet rich but I got drugs to make you comfortable in your last days.


Sun Apr 24, 2022

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