Boxing Day Fight

I might have gone to bed too early. Woke up just after 1:00 am. Today I learned what a sonnet cycle is.

The next time I go out to eat my strategy will be to order from the kids’ menu, if they have one – kid’s size portions are the correct size. A while back I saw a documentary or maybe I read somewhere, the amount we eat per meal is increasing. It might have been from Supersize Me.

A long time ago I changed our plates to salad-sized ones – I don’t own any dinner/charger plates. I buy my dishes from an Asian grocer in Scarborough – way cheaper. Especially since I don’t need all the other stuff that comes in a dinnerware set. And why am I telling you this? It’s Boxing Day!

Remember when Bossman stopped for Happy Meals – it was perfect and I didn’t feel hungry afterward. I think my strategy will work and if they don’t have a children’s menu, I will cut everything in thirds. Will power permitting! Because I still feel the need to eat everything on my plate – well-meaning parents.

Enough about food fights! 🙂


I’m announcing the winners before our deadline because we already have three.

Shawn. H. from Prairie Dog Saskatoon. That might not be entirely true but it’s ok this is just a game. Monica G. hails from Lutselk’e NWT and finally Tony F. from parts unknown. Tony’s probably in prison. What did you do, Tony! I wish we had someone from Moose Jaw. Cause I like saying Moose Jaw.

Congratulations guys for knowing this tyrant is Pol Pot!

With New Year’s Eve parties on the horizon have fun creating your miniature killing field and feel free to wear your peasant uniform to the party.


If you wish to review the initial info

There are many tyrants but I have such difficulty picking one. Decisions. Decisions.

“Time for some seasons beatings.” (from the trailer! So lame! )

Violent Night (2022)

Did you go crazy, crazy with post-Christmas shopping?

I’d like for boxing day to be about survival of the fittest. Stores only have one or two of every sale item. Fifteen people want that 30% off 65-inch Samsung 4K UHD TV, you gotta get in the makeshift octagon, there’s an announcer ready to do his thing and most people stop shopping to watch the fight – last person standing gets the TV, plus an additional 10% discount.

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed, not sure why. I had a dream that I drew an elk or a similar type of animal with charcoal in my Moleskine sketchbook. The horns and his face were beautiful. I will try to recreate what I saw, but I feel that dream was about the future me, I cannot draw like that yet.

Mon Dec 26, 2022

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