Jun 18 – Journal Entry

Well … as it turns out, I do not wake up with a song in my head every morning. How unfortunate 😦

It was a mad scramble to rearrange some meetings early this morning; one of our clients had a conflict. Isn’t it cool how one thing can cascade and impact many others? (mini butterfly effect)

I was all stoked about going to the office today. My boss and I were supposed to get some work done. He didn’t show up πŸ˜‘ Like that was the whole reason for going in. AND it was his idea.

Anyway, Jer was there. We had a late lunch at Sansotei Ramen (take out), all because we were waiting for the boss. Then we shared a bottle of peach sake – yum!

My internet is mad slow. It’s driving me crazy. “Hulk, smash!” (I love saying that). One second loading time is way too long. (it’s about a 10 second wait right now). Ugh! I don’t know about you, but I can do a lot in ten second.

Did you know, the fastest hummingbird on record can “flap” its wings about 80 times per second? Technically they don’t flap. Instead, the wings move in a figure 8, allowing them to hover, fly forward, backward and even upside down.

I wish I had 1/8 of a hummingbird’s metabolism.

I think I need new glasses (I should wear the ones I have 😎 ) – I feel like my headaches are related to eyestrain (self-diagnosing). Luckly, I do not have a headache right now. 🎡”I wear my sunglasses at night …” 🎡 – Corey Hart

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