May 26 – Journal Entry

” We fly high. No lie. You know this. Ballin.” – Jim Jones (the good one)

I went out to play ball with André. Then we went for a walk/run – he walked, I runed. lol. Not ready for the Boston Marathon, but my PB is five minutes per kilometre. I miss the steam room at my gym.

This weekend I am going to turn off my phone – from Friday after work until Sunday night.

I conducted our product roadmap meeting today and received compliments from my boss on a job well done 🙂 Working for small companies/start-ups rock – I don’t do well in bureaucratic environments. Here I can easily try new things, then refine them or scrap them, without getting tangled in red tape. I like wearing multiple hats – baseball, cowboy.

Life is good – still too hot though. It was 26° c at 10:00 pm. Tomorrow is supposed to be six degrees cooler.

I’m listening to Anita Baker’s Angel.

FYI: Always wear a sports bra when sporting.

Ready. Set. Doh!

Feature Photo Credit: Erkut2 from Pixabay

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