Journal Entry – Sat Oct 17

Fish? Check! – I got ten Black Phantom Tetra, four Gold Honey Gourami and four Male Dwarf Gourami. I wanted to get 30 fish, but they said I should only introduce 18 at a time. In two weeks, I will get another set. 

It seemed like a lot of fish on the way home, but once I got them in the tank, I wish I could have bought all 30 at once. Two weeks isn’t too long. The guy said it doesn’t make sense to have a quarantine tank – If no fish are in there, it’s not going to make a difference, so I just added them to the 65-gallon tank.

Maybe I might research having a tropical tank with live coral – That’s what I could do with my 10-gallon tank instead. I think that will be pretty. I bought this bubble maker and an air pump, cause I read that it is good to agitate the water, but I can’t remember why. 

Meatballs? Check! Cooked and cooled and chillin’ in the freezer. I skipped the breadcrumbs and egg. Needed to add a bit more salt though.

🎶And we got nothing to be sorry for, our love is one in a million 🎶- Every time I hear this song, I gotta stop what I’m doing and dance and repeat it like five times. Today I stopped in the middle of making my meatballs. I love Spotify Radio; I always get surprised by songs I forgot all about. 

I was listening to Spotify Radio for Hard to Say I’m Sorry by Chicago – and I got this pleasant surprise 🙂

So … The moment I have been waiting for, for about a year, has finally arrived. Tonight I will watch Mortuary Collection (2019) – I almost had a heart attack when I saw it on Shudder this morning. Good thing I didn’t cause I woulda been hella unhappy in the afterlife. Unless … I get to watch whatever movie I want there.

I roped the fam in too. I was like, “Guys, this is a fantastic movie, and I can’t watch it alone cause it’s October, and I been waiting a whole year to find it. You must watch it with me. Or else.” 

Last year I missed it at the Toronto After Dark Festival – I can’t remember if I had to go back to work or if I was too sleepy to stay for the second feature.

Tomorrow I will tell you about lecture 8 – Suffering and Its Causes.

Off to watch Mortuary Collection – Goodnight 🙂

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