Minor Crash

Today! While dining on 167 grams of hella sweet red-seeded grapes, I wondered why I stopped eating fruits. Then it came to me; “Keto!” My nutritionist was always against me cutting out fruits. But now I’ve decided on a permanent reintroduction, at least until I get better at staying away from junky sweets!

Some guy drove along a walkway and crashed. The tow trucks looked like they were there for a while; one is out of sight to the left. Plus three patrol cars (why so many?). I was trying to figure out how he got there but couldn’t.

There’s a playground behind him, and even if he stayed on the path, there’s a massive rock at the other end. The car had some minor damage. At least I didn’t see blood anywhere. He looks lost, an interdimensional traveller who got his coordinates wrong. Now he’s behind schedule.

I should be able to make it to the office next week. School is calming down – that’s a good thing.

🎶 I’ll be your freakazoid come on and wind me up! 🎶

Wed Dec 07, 2022

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  1. I am eating more fruit also. I dislike salad and I will try to eat one daily. I do the vitamins and I believe the vitamins need the proper food to work. I like the grapes and berry. Strawberries can stop headaches. Have some fun and stay safe.

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