Oh Boy!

Dré cooked a whole chicken in the air fryer, along with mushrooms. He made the sweet rice on the stovetop as usual and topped it all off with a side of raw spinach. I’m so proud of him. For a while there I though he wasn’t gonna survive – I think cooking a meal is akin to him running a marathon. Although I told him to portion off the food, I have a feeling he’s gonna eat everything in one go.

“Mom! I don’t mind sharing my food with you and Sis, because you guys don’t eat a lot, but I don’t like sharing with Matt!”

“I know what you mean. Yesterday I told him he can have some of my ground beyond beef with rice. Dude ate like 3/4 of my food. If I didn’t come outside and say something, he probably would have finished it.”

We laugh. Dré waited so late last night to season the chicken; by the time I was done telling him what to do, it was way past my bedtime. The last thing I said was, “Once you’re done, put the chicken in a bowl, cover it and put it in the fridge.” Today I went to look in on him before he started cooking and this is what I saw:

The Boy wrapped the chicken and put it in the bowl. lol. It’s all good.

My dentist appointment wasn’t so bad – Just had my teeth cleaned. I still get nervous and anxious. The receptionist and I always talk about the kids, comparing notes.

I gave Matt his grocery money for the next two weeks, instead of buying his stuff, he’s been ordering food. Today he had the gall to ask me to buy him breakfast from Starbucks. Then when I got back from the dentist, he asked me to cook something for him. That muthafucka was home gaming. Who the fuck I look like! Brah!

I go eat and sleep. Good night! Try not to get abducted by aliens.

Mon Jan 10, 2022

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