Apr 16 – Journal Entry

Dating is a lot of work. Like when you’re job hunting. I could easily waste the day man hunting (that sounds desperate). So many pics and messages. I shouldn’t call it a waste. 

To know my potentials via holograms. So ’80s but I prefer that. It’s simple, people look like themselves, and you don’t need any gear to interact. Can’t do headsets, messes with my chi (and my hair). 

The laundry is still sitting there. Waiting. All my bath towels are dirty. This morning I used a washcloth to dry. Soon I will be sitting naked at my desk, throwing on a shawl for video calls (or not).

I am grateful for:

  1. My health
  2. Still having a job
  3. Taking the time to do the things I love and 
  4. Having a boss who’s not a micro-managing douche bag piece of shit  

Looking forward to using the Live streaming feature in POF. First I must do my laundry.

Might it be possible to connect more deeply when distancing physically? I don’t know about that. Are long-distance relationships better?

I was in a long-distance relationship once, for about a year. It was taxing. Then when I came to appreciate the fact that I will NEVER get over his shortness, I ended it and pretended it was because of the distance. I am certain it would have been less taxing if he was taller 🙂

Therefore I am.

Edited post because I forgot to include photo credit

Feature Photo Credit: @feelartfeelant via Twenty20

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