Life and Death

Another beginner art tip I recently learned from a YouTuber is to stay away from complex drawings where a lot is happing in the image/painting I am trying to recreate. There will be lots of time to get to complexity later.

And also, … I forget. Irrespective of my forgetfulness, this tip means I must be more selective with what I choose to copy.

🎶 Tell me you love me so. Why did you have to go?
Everything you’ll ever need,
you will find right here with me …
Won’t you come and stay with me because I love you so.
Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me. 🎶

Stay With Me – El DeBarge

If you listen to the beginning of that song you should recognize the hip hop sample.

I pushed myself to get back to work today, but I couldn’t do it. Often as soon as I start to feel a bit better, I rush to get back in action. Since I am not going to do that this time, I will have three point five unpaid days – in reflecting, it could have come at a worse time.

If I didn’t do stupid shit like take vacation days here and there, because work was slow and I felt guilty, because at this time I wasn’t taking a work related course – Come to think of it, I can’t remember if I did that last year or this. It doesn’t matter. I would do it again because I felt awful about the whole thing.

I am grateful that I can lose 3.5 days

without stressing over how I am going to pay this and that.

Thank You!

Getting comfortable with simplicity, colour and light

That’s another version of VvG’s Stevedores Arles painting.

Hanyow! I’ve had lots of time this week to reflect on my life and I wrote a poem – I don’t know how long I am going to be here but I know what I’d like the rest of my life to look like. And I know who I want to continue to be.

BTW – Snow died and it made me realize how uncomfortable I am with the dead still. Which makes me uncomfortable. Death is a part of life, why do I automatically feel uneasy? I did help put socks on my mom at the funeral home – she doesn’t like her feet being cold. ❤️❤️❤️

Mom! I love you! I miss you!


Could you image if everyone knew that we go on after we die and you didn’t need to go to a cemetery to talk to your loved one. (I’m crying but I’m ok!). I feel like one of those people who talk about UFO/UAP and people write them off as crazy/mentally ill or attention seekers. There are lots of phenomena we don’t have explanations for scientifically? And if you cannot prove/disprove it, does that invalidate the experience? Not for me it doesn’t.

And so …
next family game night,
in order to get comfortable with the dead,
we are going to take turns being The Stiff!


Good night

Wed Oct 19, 2022

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