Work-Related Killer Poo

The other day I was reading something Dee shared with me, work-related, and I think I’d like to do copywriting as a side gig. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I get distracted easily, but I get back on track just as. I don’t know how to get paid for freelance work. Gotta do my homework. Dee does a buncha graphic design freelance shit – she even got repeat clients.

There’s a new horror movie out, Smile (2022); I feel it’s gonna be dumb – I might still watch it. smh. Toronto After Dark FF is coming up on Oct 19. Oh, and also, someone made a movie about Winnie-the-Poo and his friends, but they are rabid and have come out of the 100-acre woods to kill. There’s no release date. Disney will probably block it. Killer Poo! lol.

Last night I couldn’t sleep – after an hour I got up and finished my poem. When it poured sometime last week, or earlier this, a lone bee was chillin’ on my bedroom window and Grounded was born.

Notes from my red besideme book

I still have a bunch of words in my black besideme book that I can explore. By the way, I’ve been reading Hafiz’s poems, and I feel they’d sound much better in Persian.

By the way two, with my love of language preciseness, and often the impreciseness too, because it’s fun to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate (do you remember that X-Files episode?) However, I do not wish to do that in real life; I will save DIO for storytelling and poetry. Now … my point:

I am rereading this sales book from a year ago with a different lens because I hope it will help me with the precise language required for OKRs. My boss likes to talk things through, but I need to think things through and write things down. So from that aspect, sometimes we don’t get along.


iPad trace via Procreate

That looks way better than my sketchbook version. It isn’t done but I like it – just need to add the other weapons

One of my ex-bosses, sweet guy, I learned a lot from him, but OMG. Often he’d talk and talk and talk and talk. I’d get lost in his jungle of words and start daydreaming bout murder.

“You listening!”


I’d have to remind him, “Please, just point form what you envision; I’ll do a first draft, you can review, and we take it from there.” After about a year of those reminders, we had a better working relationship. Also, I hate when bosses tell me precisely what to do.

We in the military!? I’m doing project management, not brain surgery.

Shhhhhhhit. I ain’t workin’ with you no mo. Goodbye!


The redesign of the water unlock Apple Watch crown button makes me happy – now you push and hold instead of turn.

Wed Sep 21

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