Prolifercation Inspiratus

After creating that Animal Crossing collage of my character, I was inspired to create family pics. I finished my first one this evening – I’m not going to be scrapbooking or anything, but I have a project in mind for all those years and years and years of pics and also the outstanding Vans shoe project.

I have to pick-up Glowbee’s old shoes from the office. Of all the crap Bossman puts on my desk that irritate me, I have no problem with her shoes being there.

Home Depot used to give away scrap pieces of wood or you could buy it for super cheap – I forget. This was more than 20 years ago but I will check to see if they still do that – and if I can’t get scrap wood from them then I should be able to salvage wood from somewhere …

… wood. lol. the perfect note to end our conversation on

Fri Sep 16, 2022

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