For the Love of Kids

For the record, I do not enjoy playing hide ‘n’ seek with my driver license. And after I find him, he never comes looking for me! I’m not desperate for playmates, so I’m not even gonna look for him this time – he’ll come out when he’s ready. 

This family photo project is going to be bigger than I thought because I still have some of their artwork from when they were kids and I’d like to incorporate those – Valentine shit. Mother’s day shit. Father’s day shit. Thanksgiving shit. Halloween shit. Christmas shit. General shit.

Not sure how yet on how I am going to do it. Ideas are swirling.

I have a pillow Dee made for Mother’s day, and I remember waking to her stitching away. “Why are you still awake!” 

Dee’s handmade pillow – she was probably five or six

I don’t know if I rox still. Maybe I only rock now.

Hung out with Matt today – when with him to get scanned for his Smile “braces.” Then we walked up to St. Louis for wings. He was telling me about a 300$ hoodie – I asked him if it came with cloaking magic, and he looked at me like I was crazy. A 300$ hoodie has to do something right?

A restaurant somewhere along Yonge

FYI: I wish I looked androgynous – like Grace Jones or Annie Lennox. If everybody is looking for something, am I looking to be a slave to the rhythm? Maybe.

Sat Sep 17, 2022

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