Hay! Sup!

I went for a walk early this morning – it was beautiful! Perfectly cool temp, with a misty rainfall. Then I decided to write a review about my building. 

They have beautiful plants at Fresh Co. – I’m in my gardening mode again. I got two English Ivy. I love the shape of their leaves, and they can survive through pretty much anything – commendable! I want to be Enivable! (en/ivy/able) In case you need help with your diction. Dik! lol smh

Ain’t them pretty! Already repotted too.

I think my camera was in the wrong setting – I don’t know why it looks blurry in some spots.

My craving for broiled salmon, my way, isn’t going anywhere but the last time I bought fish from Fresh Co. I had to take it back – it smelled. So now I’m afraid to get fish from there. Foodland has salmon at fifty percent off but … I ain’t tryin’a perishables from you when you going outta business. Nah!

Oh! Did I tell you … I picked up ice cream, but I put it back. I looked at the cakes, and I was just like,  whatever! you have no control over me! at least not today (more accurately, at least not at this moment 😦 ) So far, I haven’t overeaten, but it’s only 7:15 pm.

I’m gonna lay down my burdens.
Down by the riverside. Down by the riverside. Down by the river.
I’m gonna lay down my burdens. Down by the riverside.
I ain’t gon’ study one no more.
I ain’t gon’ study one no more …


Church Vault Music

I found myself in the convenience store, and while I was walking up to the counter with my shit, this hot guy walked in. Hot like, I don’t even need to know your name. Let’s fuck! (Damn! dat muthafucka made me come out of my no-swearing mode-phase)

Then at that moment, I realized … I ain’t got no game. I ain’t got no pick-up lines, no swag, no nothin’. Damn. I thought about strikin’ up a convo and saying some smooth shit:

Sup! (with upward nod) It was raining this morning. I like the rain. How ’bout you?

Sam’s Pick-up Line

See! That’s some weak shit! I like pick-up lines though. They can be funny, witty, cheesy, rude, etc. … I also like the “You making me very uncomfortable with your creepy ass stare.” The art of the unspoken pick-up line.

No work tomorrow! Yay!

Sun Sep 04, 2022

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