Ring of Workout Fire

I will never, ever buy anything from Dyson Online EVER!

So in love was I with the air filter look, and I’d always gotten suitable long-lasting devices from them. Mind you, making great vacuums doesn’t mean you make great air filters. However, in making my decision, I took into account the cost and frequency of replacement filters, and they were the most cost-efficient. UGH!

Today I called them to request a refund – I didn’t get my replacement yet, and the entire process is so frustratingly time-consuming I don’t want to deal with them anymore! Back to the air-filter purchase drawing board!

Poem posted to IG – I don’t like the colours but for consistency purposes I am posting every three with the same template – so it’s not jarring when scrolling. Maybe I should skip the watercolours and do plain white background – but then I will get bored and end up hating my whole life.

Poem posted to Instagram

This is one of my favourites, in response to a prompt I think, and initially I wasn’t going to post it.

I wrote down options for my next post this week. I have no idea if I should be posting on a specific topic all the time or what. I noticed some poets write about relationships and that all they do or at least that’s all they post – I haven’t read anything from anyone that’s made me uncomfortable.

Expressing my range matters to me, so that is what I will continue to do even on IG – a part of me wants likes and followers but it’s more important to be completely me and write about anything I feel when I feel it … I can be funny (imo), playful, scorched earth angry as fuck, curious, in love, etc. and I want all of that to come out.

I constantly fight with self-censorship, wondering if people are going to get what I am trying to convey and the paranoia of being repetitive – it’s awful but part of the process I guess. So I just deal with it. It doesn’t ever stop me from writing but it gives me pause. Moving on …

Dre watched me do my Ring workout, and now he has an account on the switch. And he’s been on it for over an hour. I told him I got work to do on my island so he’d better hurry up and finish. I also have a poem or three to work on AND I gotta go to bed.

From Of love and War
From: Of Love and War

Finally drew at my dedicated drawing desk (I take pic next time) AND I was able to go longer than usual – which is the whole reason why I got it, and my soldier drawing is coming along – I also like using conte; which seems to be closer to charcoal than graphite but also kinda like pastel.

Tomorrow morning I’m gonna try their jogging section instead of going down to the treadmill, or I might go outside if it’s my kinda cool.

Random Mall Photos
Placemats at the mall
Random Mall Photos
School desk at Little Burgundy

I wish you a good night! 🙂

Tue Sep 06, 2022

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