A Sunbeam Messed Up My Delivery

… most likely.

The car is back safely with Enterprise. Do you remember the first Jackass where Johnny rented a car, entered it into some stunt race, and dropped it off all messed; scrapyard ready?


A sunbeam. A sunbeam.

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.

A sunbeam. A sunbeam.

I’ll be a sunbeam for him.


Sunday School Memory Vault Music

Since telling you that I am moving away from the traditional sonnet format, I feel the need to challenge myself to ensure sonnet XVI looks like a Shakespearean sonnet.

I drank a bottle of wine and now my head hurts.

Dad’s gonna be hanging out with his brother the next few days. He’ll be back here on Saturday. I bought a Dyson air filter and it should have been setup already but Purolator sucks ass … and maybe Dyson does too because the flow of information from order placement to delivery is messed up. At some point my apartment number was “dropped.”

Why are you putting a package on the truck for delivery if you don’t have a full address? So then it goes back to the sorting facility, I get notified after the fact, gotta correct shit and that whole process takes an extra two days – I want my twenty-five dollars back that I paid for express delivery. Let’s see if I’ll get it.

I will never understand why status-quo is alright with most people!!! Never! Never EVER!!!

Wed Aug 24, 2022

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