Journal Entry – Sun Oct 18

I am very sorry. I got distracted today and it is almost 11 pm, way past my bedtime. All of the things I wanted to tell you will have to wait until later this week.

One fish died last night – I woke up around 2 am to check on them and he was floating 😦 – Once I bought five cobra guppies and lost all of them in a week. If I bought a puppy and it died would I get my money back? Fish are funny because there are so many variables. Two weeks is a good measure to see if they will survive in new environment.

I baked cornbread but I used almond milk instead of regular milk – bad idea. The kids can’t seem to taste the difference. I will remake it right next weekend. I’ll save a slice of the almond milk version for them to do a side by side comparison. After hot pot dinner number I don’t even know, we played a couple rounds of Chameleon and Telestrations. I have a list of things I gotta tell you about:

  • Lecture 8
  • My DNA (23&Me) – I feel like I could have told you this before so I will double check
  • This guy I met (strange story, even for me)

Dee cleaned up and reorg my spice rack- switched out bottles. I washed all the old glass bottles and caps. Everything feels nice and clean, no dust buildup. Do you prefer Hungarian or Spanish paprika? In a blind smell test, can you tell the difference? I have both cause I’m curious and like to experiment 🙂

Most of my spices with my never ever loud enough red speaker and my cookbooks, bottom left. Along with those damn cheese puffs that I find myself snacking on 😦

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