Meow Moo

Sonnet 14 which took all my brain power, is done. Hooray!

I had to change up the formatting because the lines were way too long to go straight across, but I like how it turned out. Except I expect some quantum physics folks are sure to be mad at me – good thing I don’t know any 🙂

I currently have eleven poems on IG. Posting long poems on there in the format I want is tricky. I don’t like being limited. Although sometimes limits are reasonable to have. Like french fries with cake and ice cream. (I’m joking. sorta). Getting back to limits … For example, there are way too many fonts on Canva, and I take forever to decide on one. I do love their many watercolour templates though.


How now brown cow!

I would prefer to be a cat, and say to you meow

instead of moo

Unless you are a brown cow too

Achoo! Excuse me

I need to go poo

(this makes me lol. the first line is from a rhyme or children’s book – I cannot remember)


Do you remember those potty books? They were meant for when you started potty training the kids?

Dad and my younger brother are coming this Thursday. I think I can finish sonnet 15 by the end of the month, but first I have to find where I started it.

My wild things and me are going to brush our teeths; making a big mess in the bathroom because the sink is too small for one people and three things to share. Then we will dance the wild thing jig, which is very different from a regular jig. Then we will be too hyper to sleep and everyone will be tired in the morning. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has to get up for work … no fair! Ugh!

I wonder if I could send one of them to work instead. Hmmmm.

Sun Aug 14, 2022

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