Do I Know You

I always feel shitty on Mondays.

Sunday night, I go to bed just fine. Yesterday I was dancing and listening to music. Then Monday morning rolls around, and I can’t get out of bed. Even on holidays! It feels, physically, like something is holding me back. Imagine a toddler or a dog in one of those chest harnesses, and they want to run but can’t.

Yesterday I saw a Chow Chow who stared at me as if we were old friends. Like, “Hey! Remember me?! We used to go to school together!” I said good morning. Then his owner said good morning back (like I was talking to him.)



By this evening I start to feel better. Tuesdays and Wednesdays aren’t great either, but I can function and get shit done without too much issue … the further away I get from Monday, the better I feel.

Of course, the awfulness is worse when I don’t take my meds, but my meds prevent me from writing prolifically. Although my psychiatrist thinks that’s all in my head. But I am confident, unscientifically, that it isn’t.

Enough of that … A new Predator movie is coming out this Friday. Prey. I may see it.

Mon Aug 01, 2022

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