Repeat (Sonnet XIII)

My spontaneous affectionate expressions 
of love - in holding hands, kisses and hugs
Listening to your starry eyes for impressions
Do you want me just as much? Love drugs 

Neurochemically injecting me with a sudden rush
Stomach butterflies and other such, various, beauties
Another crush. Being with you ... makes me ... gush
Blind to your cruelties but obedient to my duties

Apparently, I cannot tell how you feel for me as well
But, you've stayed. Meaning you must love me, right?
Maybe best I should ask. Although, I do not care to dwell
Your love bites into my bones; those acts no longer excite

Rescued by another crush. And yet again, I'm looking forward to
Beauties, like stomach butterflies and cruelties from the knew you

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