Allergic to Headaches

What a day! I hate how I seem to get horrible migraines just out of the blue – and they hit hard! The last time I felt like this I said I’d renew my prescription meds, but I didn’t. One day I will OD on Advil.

On top of that, I was all stressed cause I have a work deadline, but I should be fine – may do some work tonight but I still have to finish my Fam-Coming-Over cleaning – which is akin to my spring/fall cleaning.

I spent part of the day wishing I could replace body parts – kinda like my organ garden, except these parts are charged up and waiting to go. When any parts hurt or breakdown, I unscrew it and screw in the new one – eventually, I will be able to regenerate my parts

I woke up with words to a poem on my lips – actually, it was more of a psychological term in my head then the words came while I was going about my business.

We had a crazy thunderstorm. The rain was coming down in huge blobs – violently pimp slapping the ground and everyOneThing on it.


Green Acres is the place to be. Faaaaaarm living is the life for me. Land spreading out so far and wide. Keep Manhattan just gimme that countryside. No! New York is where Iā€™d rather stay. I get allergic smelling hay.


(Sam I am: not going with you. Have a good day!)

Theme song from a TV Show

BTW: Brown paper soaked in vinegar and wrapped around your head does not get rid of aches – don’t bother trying. Orhaps, I’m supposed to strip the paper, boil it in vinegar and drink it. An alternative to chicken noodle soup.

Oh! Did I tell you? I been working on my dating profile. But now I gonna go write my poem and clean while my headache is slightly distracted while taking a lunch break.

Wed Aug 17, 2022

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