Happy Caribbean Carnival Weekend

I hope your waist is in great condition. Ready for non-stop bubblin’. Nothin’ caan bruk down!

One day I will live somewhere where I can control the thermostat, which will always be set at 10 degrees. Only thing is, I am not sure how that is going to work if I want to live in a steam room. I’m going to pre-marry an elevator mechanic, and he can figure it out.

Fling yuh bam bam

Terri Lyons

There is this lady author who wrote gothic horror and also children’s stories, Edith something. I could write fairy tales for adults, but I have no idea if they’d get it. Adults are boring. Well, not all of them; I know some pretty cool adults. Some children are boring too, come to think of it. Their adults have already rubbed off on them. How unfortunate.



When I finished with the marker, it looked too clean. Then I rubbed the whole thing with graphite and smudged it, but that wasn’t good enough, so I finished with the charcoal. I prefer art that’s messy, dirty, filthy and grimy.

The hardest most time-consuming part was keeping track of all the marker colours.

Did you know that back in the Victorian era, sex workers were called Unfortunates? Did you know that sea foam is an indicator of dead mermaids? The latter I learned from the original Little Mermaid story by Hans Andersen, which did not have a happy ending.

When I was young, I remember reading Anansi stories. Anansi used to be a farmer before he became a spider. (I learned that today)

I enjoy listening to people speak when they mix their native language with English words. 

Sun Jul 31, 2022

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