Those Lazy Days

Sorry about yesterday. I had all intentions of chatting with you, but then I changed my mind and went to bed. My sleep is all over the place again. I’m not sure why.

I had a great workday though – yesterday and today. On Wednesday morning, I went for a run with The Boy – just over a kilometre. By the evening, when it was time for my actual workout, I had to do yoga instead; I was all high-impact worked out.

I love this Apple Watch and I’m taking advantage of my free three-month Fitness+ membership. Yesterday the yoga trainer said:

We talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else. Remember to be kind.

Fitness+ Yoga Lady said so

Do you understand the new Match commercials about adults dating better? Who are they supposed to be dating better than? Children? Animals? Aliens? Predators? I don’t get it!

Procreate Old and Dry Brushes

I would like to be a baby warthog when I grow up. Baby warthogs are so cute and spiky. 

It’s still early, 5:22 pm ~ and I am trying very, really hard not to jump in my bed. There’s nothing else for me to clean up and/or rearrange. I am working on a poem and my schedule, including getting my miles in for my runs.

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