Journal Entry – Fri Oct 16

Well … I lost the “Gummy Bears on the Bookshelf” challenge (sigh). I don’t even know why I thought I could win. I think they lasted about 48 hrs.

I will buy more fish tomorrow – I was supposed to prepare my quarantine tank weeks ago in case I get fish that have COVID (lol), but I didn’t do it. So I gotta do that today but I don’t even feel like it but I should it’s a good practice.

Dee was reminiscing about when the boys were toddlers and André would yell from the bathroom, “I’m done pooing! Sis, can you wipe my bum!” Those were the days – All in the Family

I decided I wanted to make meatballs. I bought ground pork and beef on Instacart. I took all the stuff out to start, then I put everything back. But I have to make it tomorrow – I don’t like to leave meat sitting in the fridge for more than 24 hrs. I either freeze it or cook it.

I gave the Instacart guy an extra 10$, and a solid five stars cause he made two trips on the elevator to bring all my groceries.

Jamie was outside today throwing around his frisbee – since I am making up a story about him, I feel like I know him. I should go introduce myself. Would that be weird?

“Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve been watching you for the past few weeks. Wanna play?”

Then we’ll toss the ‘bee to and fro for a bit. We’ll make big talk about climate change and fringe science. Then he’ll invite me back to his apartment, and I’ll go because I think I know this guy and cause I’m impulsive and don’t always think straight. I could either come up missing or fall in love cause serial killers are charming, and I’m an idiot 🙂

I haven’t found my character development story tracker thingy yet.

Why do we automatically assume that people alone are lonely? Do we have to do things with others to have fun?

Did I ever tell you about the time I got lost downtown and my boss got pissed cause I kept walking the wrong way and we had to get to Brampton for a client meeting at 9 am? “Sam! Stop walking right now! Don’t move! Tell me where you are and I will come pick you up.” It’s funny now but I wanted to cry that day, I could hear the frustration in his voice.

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