Dream Nightmare

Well, my copywriting side gig crashed and burned before the starting flag waved.

There are lots of AI content writers out there – the most popular seems to be jasper.ai. maybe formerly known as Jarvis. It can even write books – or I should say, it can give you content for a book, you still have to read and edit to your liking. I did my research, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Let’s see how I feel as I go. AI continues to fascinate me. 

I’m gonna mention my discovery to work folks – they might know of content writers already, they’re only new to me, but if they don’t it might be worth exploring.

I read an article on Indeed,

If you’re passionate about writing and have a talent for communicating ideas clearly …

Hmmm – I got the passion. I don’t know about the clarity. This copywritng dream is looking less and less likely to suit me. Dre is always saying I don’t explain things adequately and sometimes my emails are too long – it’s been years since I started working on being concise and succinct – I am good and not good – sometimes I am better. Time to explore other PT writing work.

Years ago I wanted to take a writing course through Second City … maybe I will explore that again.

For weeks, since I started playing Animal Crossing again, Dre’s been asking me to play Minecraft. I’ve never found that game appealing because it’s too boxy. When it first came out, I’d watch the kids play. Finally last week, I took him up on the offer. It was a total disaster. 30 minutes of him telling me shit and me laughing.

“Why are you crouching all the time!”

“I don’t know!”

“Get out of crouch mode!”

“Ok follow me. It’s getting dark we have to find shelter.”

“Mom! I’m over here. Where are you going? Look up.”

“How do I look up again?”

He suggested we play in casual mode next time.

Yesterday, on the way home, the swings were finally free. After that long wait, I don’t like the swings. They are too high; my feet can barely touch the ground, so it was hard for me to push myself. They also have this see-saw platform thing with benches – that was fun (buddy bench not included.)

Sun Sep 25, 2022

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