Crafty Is As She Does

Today is a beautiful day! Like every other day, except sometimes I forget to say.

I got ideas for my trip to France, and I created something with my hands cause sometimes I need to do that. Mom used to make stuff all the time. Decorative things, Useful furniture things. I don’t think she was able to draw like Mimi (That’s what I called her mom).

Wanna see …

The Before!

The table I use for a nightstand is a bit small. Do I need all the stuff that’s on there on there? Perhaps not, but now I have more space via a cardboard box that looks prettier because of me. 🙂

I need to seal it, but Dee is in Jamacia, and I have a tonne of arts and crafts stuff she left me, but I don’t know which one is best to use. I will have to test it or wait until she gets back and bombard her with questions. Welcome Home!!!

Better yet – I could call her, “Hey Mama, I know you’re on vacation but this is a life or death, important as urgent is the situation I find myself in. Which one of these products is best for sealing paper/cardboard with a glossy, shiny finish?”

THE INTERNET ISN’T VERY HELPFUL when I don’t know what I’m doing.

The Almost Here After Inside!
One Outside Angle!

Lesson: The next time I will cover the box completely first then put my finishing pieces on after cause I have some edges that are proving difficult to cover without covering up what I want to show.

Once it’s all done and in place, I will show you. There was something else I wanted to say … … … …

I cannot remember. I go clean up!

Thu Apr 28, 2022

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