Cheers! To Encouragement!

I spoke to Dad for about four hours today. Holy! He may come to Toronto in May. 

Watercolour paintings look magical to me, but whenever I try watercolour, it’s whatever. Might I be using the wrong water? BTW: My latest poem is not coming together 😦

Can you see her headband moving?

My second attempt at animating. Or my first attempt alone – the last time I followed Bardot Brush on YouTube. I get the basics. Knowing what I know now if I wanted to animate one of my Microbrust, it would take a month or two – more even, depending on the details.

Why are hens good at excaping?

Because they’re always at the egg-sit!


Did I ever tell you that Jer is responsible for my writing restart? I had several false starts, including this blog. I don’t know what’s responsible for the false starts, but I believe having someone to talk to about my love of writing made it real. He encouraged me to go for it, and I think every time we talked about it, my excuses for not following through kept falling away. I’ve been writing consistently since those convos. Hooray.

Whenever I tell him anything I’m learning or doing he’s always excited for me and finds it interesting.

“Jer! I’m learning Python!”

“No way! That’s so freakin’ cool”

“Jer! I’m going free solo climbing.”

“When did you learn that?”

“I didn’t.”

“No way! That’s so freakin’ cool!”

“Jer! I’m gonna do a triathlon around the world in 80 days!”

“You finally know how to swim and ride a bike?”

“No! I will drown and die or ride into oncoming traffic and die or drown and die. Whichever comes first! Either way, you probably won’t see me again!”

“No way! That’s so freakin’ cool!”

Why do I have to bastardize something beautiful? I don’t know.

I miss the days we’d rent a car and drive out the city to clients and have convos about all kinds of stuff. When we used to go up to Waterloo, we’d stop and have dinner at this fish and chips place before driving back into town.

Thanks Jer!


I hope you have people in your corner encouraging you!

I leave you with the words of baby Jer, “How’d you do that!!!”

Sat Mar 5, 2022

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