What A Day

I had to take the day off and likely will tomorrow after my morning meeting. It’s 5:00 pm, and I am now getting out of bed, which will probably mess up my sleep tonight, but I had no energy this morning. Zero. Zachary. Zurich.

So far, I don’t think anyone caught COVID from me. Of course, I don’t know about people I encountered in the mall, but the kids are alright, and so is my trainer – those are the people I spent the most time with. Maybe Snow might be sick – Drè said he heard her sneezing. Earlier this week, she was climbing on my arms while I fixed one of their rooftop lookout things.

Oh crap … one sec … Forgot to call my physio place. On Sunday, my five-day quarantine will be over. I have to rebook the booster appointment.

I scheduled Thursdays and Fridays until mid-March to work on PBI and get this damn dashboard going ASAP. It’s bothering me that I’m taking so long to finish. PBI is this overweight silverback gorilla sitting on my shoulders growling and beating my head like it’s a drum every minute. “Yo. I can’t concentrate with you knocking me in my head and being loud all the time. Cut it out!!!”

“I’ll cut it out when you get smart.”

“Seriously dude! Thems fighting words. Let’s get it on!”

My main concern is setting up this thing right. It will be harder for me to go back and redo/undo. Even if it is not completely complete, I will have the finance and sales stuff up by/before the end of Feb. At least, that is the current plan. I don’t expect to run into any significant obstacles, but I need to get it up (that’s what he said! 🙂 ) especially now that our EU PM is away because things will get busier as projects pick up.

There was a song stuck in my head – now, all of a sudden, when I want to sing it to you, it’s gone.

Sometimes I sit under my desk and write/draw or do nothing – it’s cozy.

Thu Jan 27, 2022

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