Positive for COVID

Well … I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor today, and while we’re talking, I happened to mention my cold/cough – she asked me a bunch of questions, then told me I should take a COVID test.

“Ok. Although different from last week, this cold doesn’t feel different from any other cold I’ve ever had.”

“Do you have a fever/chills?”


“Do you have a sore throat?”

“On and off. But that’s cause I’m coughing all the time.”

“Can you taste/smell?”


I wasn’t convinced, but I have the rapid test, so it’s not an issue. “If I test negative, then I’m ok, right?”

“I would recommend self-isolating and retaking the test in 24 hrs. And take your temperature regularly.”

There’s no need for a second test now. I feel irresponsible because I was at Dee’s place, met with my trainer, and went to the mall to get a vaporizer. I won’t be making assumptions anymore – “Oh, it’s just a cold. Oh, it’s just allergies. Oh, it’s my usual sinus thing.”

Toronto Skyline – Undone. I will finish it tomorrow. I like cityscapes

I wanna change my name to Randy Pandy Shandy Dandy Williams!

Tue Jan 25, 2022

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