Jun 10 – Journal Writing

I cried on every episode of Queer Eye – It’s a great show.

I made my own sauerkraut (God! I can almost finally spell that word without looking it up. Man!) Salt, water, cabbage – I love simple! My favourite brand is Polka – I think that is a traditional Polish recipe.

Sometimes I just happen to be at the right time – After completing my Japanese lesson this evening and some French (I can’t wrap my head around the masculine and feminine, especially for food. Food should be non-binary). I went to the kitchen to grab a few slices of pickled cucumber, I had about fifteen slices, and found myself on the couch – with the remote in my hand.

I saw a new app on my Smart TV, Filmrise Free Movies. By the time I decided to check it out, Rebel in the Rye had already started. Probably about ten minutes in – but I heard something great, like:

Let the words pull you in. If you can read a story in monotone and still find it interesting then …

I think I will buy the movie so that I can capture those great beginning quotes.

On being at the right time – There are times when I will accidentally bump into something profound and it will be just what I needed at that moment – I love when that happens.

It’s soooooo freakin’ hot. I tried making Poha, beaten or flattened rice. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet – especially recipes. I know it isn’t just a breakfast food but I think I followed the wrong recipe. How do you find authenticity on the internet?

André hasn’t watched the dishes for three days – I asked him to wash so that I can make breakfast. He only washed what I needed. Then he went back to his room. SMH. This evening he came out to cook, and I told him “You have to clean up the kitchen first.” He went back to his room. I’m going to have to wait him out, he’s going to try to cook when he thinks I’ve gone to bed. I am prepared to camp out on the couch.

I have a feeling I’m allergic to red wine. Sulphites maybe. (another controversial subject)

You should read, The Shack by William Young and What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey. I am watching Do You Believe – a movie I never heard of, on Filmrise Free Movies, but it reminds me of those books. I don’t consider myself a religious person but I am not blind to my good fortune. I had a moment in my life when I went to church and my dad thought I was losing my common sense (which I didn’t. It is still here. Even better than it was). Dad’s an atheist – The only black atheist I know. And I know a lot of black people 🙂

OMG! The boy is washing the dishes. Miracles 🙂

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