May 14 – Journal Entry

Today was a good day – I did not eat cake. Hooray!

I was supposed to call my sister back since Sunday. She’s probably pissed (but she knows me). Sometimes people call me, but I have long periods where I don’t feel like talking to anyone so I won’t answer my phone. Sometimes I will turn off my phone for the entire day if I am not working.

When my dad is trying to find me and I don’t answer after a few days, he will start calling people. Then I will get texts – Your dad’s looking for you. When that happens, I will get in touch with him. My mom hated that about me – and I hated it when she would make me talk to family when they called. 

Usually, when I don’t recognize a phone number, I won’t answer my phone either – but I have to stop doing that because my brother is locked up, and I feel like I’ve missed a number of his calls.

It’s been about two weeks, maybe, since I paid for eHarmony and I haven’t made time to check my account. I still have to download the app.

I think I really am allergic to corn – which would seriously suck because that shit’s in everything.

I’m on a ’90s R&B bender.

Feature Photo Credit: @toddmacdonald via Twenty20

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