Pride (Sonnet I)

Snapdragon love child. Your perspicacity made me smile.
Hot as the summer sun. Looming over everyone.
Admired for your beguiling beauty. One of a kind. Spooky.
Did I have a hand in who you'd become? My favourite son.
Chameleonic. Versatile. Soothing as chamomile.
Misleading your prey. Unrecognized betrayal underway.
Tiger lily of the Nile. Mesmerizing. Deadly as a crocodile.
Familial watermark. Of this relationship, I must disembark.
Go ahead and bare your teeth. With me, don't pretend to be sweet.
This disease between us; festering pus. Now I look at you - pure disgust.
Covering for you has left me enervated. A liar. Cheat. Great at deceit.
The fruit does fall far; miles off the tree. But funny … I still see, much of you, in me.
Are we more alike than I'd care to admit?
Match. Play. Let's make a game of it.


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