May 13 – Journal Entry

Pretty much done with the first draft deck for the Org restructuring project. I included our entire product offering, current org chart, high-level view of all organizational processes, introduction to OKRs and CFRs, next steps with due dates and an appendix with samples – I may also include a timeline, so they understand the OKRs cycle.

I decided to make the presentation a bit more comprehensive because I figured managers could use it to introduce their teams to OKRs and CFRs. Once I am satisfied with the deck, I will start working on the template for teams to use when creating their OKRs. Then I have to work on my own OKRs.

I read Measure What Matters back in 2018 and I think it helped me get to where I am (in addition to other resources) – I achieved a hell of a lot in two years – but this is a personal achievement the company still needs work, and this work I am doing will help. I am grateful to be able to contribute to that process.

Yesterday I got a message from a guy on POF saying, You look amazing. I said, Thank you. Then I went to look at his profile – his pics weren’t bad, but when I checked his height, he was only 5′ 6″ – Deal breaker. Then I thought, am I shortchanging myself?

I feel like I am going insane sometimes. Today I told the dev leads, can we please just slow down a bit, just a little bit, so that we have time to plan things properly. Then they told me to talk to the CEO (who happens to be my boss).

I ate cake today – when I don’t get enough sleep everything falls apart.

I said “then” four times.

Feature Photo Credit: @kt_nestor via Twenty20

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