Journal Entry – Mon Oct 26

My boss took ownership of the US client meeting that went sideways a few weeks ago. The fact that he did that out loud in front of the exec team is fantastic. I like when people own shit – it gives me confidence! They are working on sales process improvements.

When was the last time you listened to Cypress Hill? Black Sunday came out the year my daughter was born, 1993. Hits from the Bong samples Son of a Preacher Man but my all-time fave Cypress Hill song is Pigs. (listening to this song now that I am older. It’s politically incorrect.) Stefflon Don has a new single – Can’t Let You Go. My all-time fave Don song is 16 Shots. I found new artist, Lous and The Yakuza.

Some days it is so very tough for me to concentrate and it seems to be happening more often. There’s all this stuff circling in my head, and I can’t pin anything down long enough to be productive. I forget what I was doing. I forget what I wanted to do next. I look at my list, and I can’t decide. I can’t prioritize. I end up zipping through a bunch of stuff but not finishing any one thing. I think when I search for information I don’t really need to find, that may be my form of procrastination. I’m gonna take a vitamin B when I wake up everyday.

I sent André the email with points from our convo, and I schedule weekly Sunday afternoon check-ins. Our first meeting will be making a list of what he needs to work on and figuring out where/how to track progress. 

It’s funny how you can have mixed ancestry, 50/50 or 20/20/20/20/20 (I don’t know if that’s possible) or 99/1 – if that 1% is African, then you’re Black, whether you like it or not. Back in the day, in the US, some women had to wear a headscarf, like a head wrap, to identify that they were mixed. (I’m pretty sure that’s true, I read it somewhere but feel free to fact check) In this context, I don’t like the word mixed as an identifierYou can have a mixed salad, mixed beans or a mixed message – but you cannot have mixed people. People are people. Especially when race is just a construct used to justify injustice and inequality, mixed bugs me.

“… Embrace what anthropologists already know, which is that race, at least as we think we understand it, doesn’t even exist. The physical traits that seem to distinguish races so profoundly are based on only a tiny handful of unremarkable genetic sequences that tell you little of any value about the people carrying them …” (TIME Magazine – Your Brain: A User’s Guide, 2011)

Am I preaching? Well good! 🙂

I started a new collection of magazines, bottles, ramekins and cardboard egg cartons. I used to love reading Cosmo but I got rid of all my Cosmo mags a few years back. I wish I had taken a pic of my last collection of egg cartons – I planned to do something artsy, then I don’t know what happened. I also have a bunch of smashed plastic water bottles in storage.  When I order eggs from Instacart, sometimes my eggs come in plastic containers 😦

At my last workplace, I collected RedBull cans – I had a tonne of them on my desk, then it started to look messy, so I threw them out and started fresh. My boss was happy that I got rid of them until I started again. I was insane, I used to drink like three cans of RedBull a day. lol. Oh man!   

Matt won some online game tournament. After the cheering, I heard.

“We should celebrate. Really celebrate with alcohol.” (WTF) I stop what I’m doing and go to the game room.

“Excuse me? Celebrate with alcohol?” He starts laughing.

“I was joking.”

“I hope so.”

Character Development Links I’ve collected but still need to read:

NYG has an outbreak of COVID – My mom died there. It doesn’t matter what I hear about that hospital, my mum passing away is always the next thing that comes to mind.

Apparently Tom Brady drinks 25 glasses of water/day. Have you ever tried putting something you don’t like drinking in a different glass, it makes it taste better and you feel different. I sometimes drink water out of my martini glass. When I’m sick, I put my medicine in a shot glass. Try it!

Feature Photo Credit: chiefsun from Pixabay

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