Jul 1 – Journal Entry

Well, so much for writing 2000 words a day like Stephen King. I am not counting all the writing I do at work. 

I woke up early, did my strength training (half-heartedly). I find that I sometimes begrudgingly enter my workout, but at the end, I always feel great. High-fiving myself, victory shouts with fist held high, etc. After cleaning up, I grabbed my laptop, intending to finish “City” my longread. Then … I did nothing. Not even my journal did I write. 

I was thinking of going out to chill in the park, make some sandwiches, but I got so lazy. Then I talked myself out of it, “Sam, remember the spike in cases in the US after they loosened restrictions? Stay inside.” So I made herring sandwiches (think of your standard tuna sandwich but with smoked herring instead). I told the boys I’d make hotdogs for them, but they finished the herring and were uncharacteristically full (so strange, but I wasn’t complaining).

After preparing and eating the sandwichs and salad – The boys disappeared and I watched movies:

  • Swallow (2019) – Fabulous film about a woman who develops pica. But it is so much more than swallowing things. It’s about eating words and feelings. It’s about not speaking up for ourselves and going along with things we may not want only to please our partner, or anyone other than ourselves. AND I LOVE how the movie ended – in a women’s bathroom, with women coming and going, and it left me with the sense that you never know what someone is dealing with in their personal life. (So be kind to the women you meet in the bathroom 🙂 ) – I’m being silly, but don’t be a douche, to yourself or anyone else.
  • The Deeper You Dig (2019) – Interesting ghost story but I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • After Midnight (2019) – Relationship/creature-feature. I didn’t get it. Some parts were funny, but overall it didn’t make sense.
  • Holy Hell (2016) – I was looking for The Other Lamb (2019) but couldn’t find it on any of my streaming services. My bottom line – “You don’t need to join a cult to find your purpose people! Gosh!” 
  • Sea Fever (2019) – Meh. Deep-sea creature feature. Just alright – I jumped through hoops to find this movie, then it sucked! 

I watched five movies without eating any junk food – I snacked on pickled cucumbers I made a few days ago, baby arugula and drank peach kombucha (thank you 40PuddleJumper for renewing my interest in the drink). “Yes Sam! You can binge on movies without binging on popcorn, chips, candy and soda! Yay!” When I bitch to myself about my inability to get shit done – I will remember Canada Day 2020!

I hope you had a happy Canada Day and celebrated in a way that works for you! Or maybe you didn’t celebrate – whatever you did, I hope it made you happy!

I feel like I may want to read the book that Trump’s niece wrote – still deciding.

Written: Jul 2 ~ 2pm (I go eat sushi for lunch)

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