Fly Trap

Major cleaning up of the apartment always reminds me of how much I love openness over clutter – not that I have lots of furniture, but sometimes I collect things, bottles and cardboard egg cartons, boxes, etc., then throw them out whenever I get tired of looking at them or during a major cleaning cycle.

And also I like to have things hidden as much as possible, except for when I don’t. I oscillate between loving lots of stuff and small appliances on the countertop to having a counter that is free from everything. Dre always complains when I rearrange stuff. The last time I offered to rearrange his face he did not accept.

I went to Ikea for some inexpensive garbage/recycling solutions. The building has a fly problem – flies are in the lobby. In the elevator. In the hallways. And most recently, I’ve seen roaches in the common areas – the chute room and on a wall in the lobby. Gross – but still – I won’t be leaving here for four years.

In addition, on my Ikea trip, I bought two plants and I found an app that should help me take better care or all my plants, PictureThis.


I think I figured out why men asking me to cook for them and/or inviting themselves over for dinner bothers me. I could be wrong but I believe there is an expectation behind the question/statement.

Don’t expect me to do, or not do, anything because I am a woman/wife/girlfriend/mother. Or else, I will expect you to … (since I am still in my no swearing mode it is hard for me to write it.)


The other morning I woke up and decided I’d take stock of my expenses and subscriptions only to realize dad was doing the same thing. I also plan to rearrange everything, so all expenses come out of one bank account and not my credit card! Also, I am not mature enough from a financial management standpoint to handle more than one credit card. So … I plan to close the Rogers card. Yes, the same one I was super excited to get.

I go write my response to the weekend prompt – got and idea from the castle pic I used as my feature image yesterday – I should finish today.

🎶 You don’t have to be a star baby, to be in my show. 🎶

Fences only keep good neighbours if there isn’t a property line dispute. Ha!

Sun Aug 21, 2022

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