Book! I Love You!

The book I been calling, this is not a budget, is actually Worry-Free Money by Shannon Lee Simmons, if you want to check it out. I love how she breaks everything down.

Saw my old trainer at the gym … I’m just saying. I could have seen him on the bus or the sidewalk or something. He likely won’t be back permanently until summer. By then, I should be a self-sufficient high octane performance machine. So many people, I didn’t use the sauna today. 

I don’t like crowds unless I’m in a dance club … I’m just saying cause I don’t want you thinking I’m talking about a golf club or a book club. Maybe even a yacht club.

The urge to do volunteer work is bubbling up again, but I only know I want to help people do shit; what that looks like? Have k(no)w idea!!! I said a lot yesterday – I leave you with art. BTW: I’m really liking Picasso and Matisse so far.

Sail away!

Mon Feb 28, 2022

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