Lively - That's how I live
Always thinking positive

Giving the best that I got
To everyone - deserving or not
But who am I to say
Who's deserving anyway
So I express loving-kindness
Colour, Shades and racial blindness


Yes! ... I embrace our differences
As we have so much good to give
Forget being combative

No! I am not crazy
I just choose to view things differently

Effervescent like champagne 
Lively-hood is easy to attain
Find compliments and give 'em
Grudges and hate - don't keep 'em
Encourage open and honest communication
Trust via transparency 
You too, can choose ... to view things differently


Love! ... It is not a cliche - Live it! In all you do 
For yourself and others every day

Feature Photo Credit: @BrittNashPix via Twenty20

2 thoughts on “Lively

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  1. Really, really loved your message here! How we live our lives is a direct result of our own choices. Too many people place blame elsewhere. We must be more willing to look within. I hope that we get there as a society one day. It is much needed.

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